The E's of Science







Our Philosophy

Engage learners with an amazing activity which drives them to Enquire about the science behind it.   Allow learners to Explore and build on their natural curiosity about the wonder Science in an engaging and informative way.   

Identify key scientific terminology and concepts to Explain the results of an investigation and, for higher level learners, Evaluate them.

Our aim is to promote inspiring Science teaching.


Our main focus is to address the gap in Science education for many Primary teachers, and provide them with easy to implement STEAM ideas in their lessons.

Is the course appropriate for teachers of all age groups?

The E’s of Science was originally designed for Primary teachers, but bespoke workshops are available to Foundation years and to Secondary teachers upon request.

What do we offer?


  • 2-hour hands-on workshops for up to 24 teachers

  • Tailored to the school’s curriculum/programme of study.

  • Two highly qualified and experienced workshop designers and trainers.

  • The teachers are given ideas for Engage activities that inspire learners and  encourage scientific enquiry.

  • Science museum-style Exploration stations themed around Biological, Chemical and Physical processes.

  • Full differentiated STEAM activities that can be recreated in the classroom or at home.

  • Explain & Evaluate session, drawing on differentiated questioning skills, and utilizing effective assessment tools.

  • All electronic resources used in the workshop are made available to the school.

Do you have a different format in mind?

For example,

  • workshop duration,

  • focus on a specific subject of study or aspect of teaching, like assessment for learning,

  • numbers exceeding 24,

  • training for Foundation/Lower KG or Secondary.


We are happy to discuss your requirements.  Please contact us for more information.